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AYABIE -彩冷える- translations
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Yumehito: May 7, 2011 
9th-May-2011 12:23 am
夢人 - RnR
Action 10821 ■Going major.■
2011-05-07 23:09:12

As we have already notified everyone at the event that we organised today, through the important announcement,

this summer, AYABIE will sign a contract with TOY'S FACTORY, and make our major debut.

The four of us have been holding activities as AYABIE since October last year, doing our utmost best to make music, and reaching out to many of you.

Among our goals, one of them is to have more people listen to AYABIE.

To become a bigger band. To grow as a band.

Hoping for that, we did our very best.

Along our journey, we met "TOY'S FACTORY".

Just like everyone else who loves our music,

TOY'S FACTORY, too, loves our music, and AYABIE.

A major debut.

In the past, we made everyone upset and insecure because of it - and with such an experience, this was not something that we decided on lightly.

In our present state, many of you may be feeling insecure or confused after hearing today's announcement.

However, I strongly believe that if we are with TOY'S FACTORY, our - and of course, everyone's - "AYABIE" will be able to grow even further.

More than anything, I feel that we are really blessed to have met a record label that respects our music.

From summer onwards, together with our new comrades, we'll do our best to make the best music ever.

We'll always, always be close to you.

And we'll get even closer.

We won't change, and we don't plan to.

We will just keep growing as a band.

Please continue giving us your support!!!!!!

....and on top of that we have decided on our summer countrywide tour "SUMMER DIVER"!!!

The details will be released later on our official site, blogs and Twitter.

...and on top of that... it has also been announced that the band of Darkness, "DEATHBIE", will officially be starting activity.

...aaaaaand that in July 2011.... a CD release has also been planned....

....aaaaaaaaand that they will also be touring the country in summer....!!!!! The official site will be up soon....!!!!

This is getting quite exciting!

Everyone, I love you! I'll do my best!

8th-May-2011 04:40 pm (UTC)
Thanks for translating this <3

I had tears in my eyes while reading his post & during his MC @ East regarding this announcement and I really, really hope it will turn out all right this time. Because they really deserve it .,.
Summer's gonna be pretty busy, ne :D
I'm really looking forward to their new tour & songs, whether it be Deathbie or Ayabie~
10th-May-2011 03:07 pm (UTC)
thank you for translating!! :* :*
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