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Intetsu: May 8, 2011 
9th-May-2011 01:02 am
インテツ - KOFFEL
Major debut announcement
2011-05-08 01:43:38

AYABIE will be making a major debut under TOY'S FACTORY♪♪

At the event we organised today, we announced AYABIE's major debut☆

While discussions regarding the contract had been ongoing for a while,
it was only a few days ago that we finally made the decision to make our major debut.
As we were organising an event, we decided to make the announcement to everyone who came.

As for why we decided on TOY'S FACTORY,
the reason is very simple.
That is, "Because they acknowledged the musicianship of AYABIE".
They listened to AYABIE's first album,
thought that it was good, and thus we were approached by them.

When we first got to speak to the people from TOY'S, I asked them,
"What is it about AYABIE that you appreciate??", and with regard to that question,
they answered with specific songs from the album, and we got the feedback that those were the songs they thought were good.

This is something that makes me really happy.

Although we have spoken to various people in the industry before,
amidst the many requests of "make a song that sounds something like that",
this record label was a place that gave consideration to our band's originality.

As you all know, we, AYABIE, are a selfish band.
In the sense that we want to make songs, and hold activities, that we can be satisfied with.
We don't want it to become something like what happened before.

Furthermore, what made me really happy was the chance to speak to the president of TOY'S, Inaba-san,
and have him tell us directly what he thought about our songs.
He is someone who has looked through many artists before,
and to have him say, "AYABIE makes good songs" really makes me very happy.
It is because Inaba-san is interested in our music.

I think that what everyone is worried about, is that the band will become distanced from all of you,
but please don't worry about that!
We will continue to hold those fanclub events with an at-home sort of feeling,
and the Jikahatsuden podcast will not change in tone - we will continue to record and upload it ourselves.
We will continue our idle talk, edit it ourselves, and deliver it to everyone.
As for the second urgent announcement regarding DEATHBIE's activities, we actually did receive permission to do so!
We're not going to go easy on the activities just because it's DEATHBIE. We'll break all your preconceptions.

Please think of them [TOY'S FACTORY] as staff who will be with us in order for us to keep to our unchanging conviction.
If we're going to do this, we will give our all to it.
And for that, TOY'S FACTORY has joined us as a new friend.

They have already listened to our demos and meetings have started.
From this month onwards we'll be going into preparations for more songs, so I'm looking forward to that♪♪

I feel that AYABIE is a band with potential which will pull through no matter what.
I believe that all the things that we have did our best to put together,
the things that we have accumulated up to now with our staff,
is related to our major debut this time.

"We remained unchanged despite everything.
That's why we won't change even when we make our major debut."

In order for us to make even cooler songs for everyone,
in order for us to have it reach out to all of you, we'll go on unchanged as AYABIE☆

9th-May-2011 06:19 am (UTC)
Thank you very much taking time to translate these entries. They make me feel really excited for them, a happy feeling <333
11th-May-2011 03:17 am (UTC)
Thank you so much <3
20th-Mar-2012 09:30 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for translating,
Obviously this was a while ago, but I think nothing bad is going to happen this time with them going major.
I'm still pretty damn proud of them for breaking off from Tokuma when they were temporarily turned into a boyband ^^ I give them lots of kudos for that.
And I appreciate that they're writing about this very openly :)
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