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Yumehito: January 25th, 2012 
26th-Jan-2012 09:58 pm
夢人 - RnR
Action 11562 ◇Release Commemoration! Last-minute Plan. About Merry Go Round◇
2012-01-25 04:33:52

It has finally gone on sale today.

AYABIE's 2nd single, "Merry Go Round"!!!

All three tracks are included in the normal edition.
Coupled with the limited editions A and B are the MVs of Merry Go Round, "life" and "live" versions.

So, with regard to the title track of our second single, Merry Go Round.

This song was composed during the 彩冷える1 era in 2010.

During the period of time when it became difficult for the 5 members to hold activities together
Yumehito and KENZO came together to form a unit called "KY from 彩冷える"
which was formed from the basis that the members wanted everyone to still be able to experience the fun of 彩冷える
and this song was first performed as an original song from the lives of that unit.

After that, even when we continued our activities with 4 members under the name of AYABIE, this was the song where everyone got the most excited at during lives

and so this has become a song that all the members treasure very much.

I was the one who wrote the lyrics and the song
and, at that time, there was a song called Browny performed by 彩冷える, so I recall that I had wrote [Merry Go Round] with the hopes of incorporating the essence of [Browny] into a new song with a brand-new world view.

As for the lyrics

from the lives starting two years ago, it originally only comprised of one chorus, sang repeatedly. 2
The contents of those lyrics are my direct feelings at that point of time.

As it was decided that the song would be officially released this time, I decided to combine my feelings then and now, and came up with the rest of the lyrics.

Although I'm sure that many of you would think of that thing at the amusement part when you hear the title of Merry Go Round
to me, this title is nothing more than just a "metaphor".

Amidst the frustrations that you can't do anything about, the walls that you feel you can't cross; the hurt, the dilemmas;
no matter what, there's still something you want to believe in, someone who believes in you.
Even so, it doesn't really help.

Even if it isn't true, we'll smile. Because we are happy clowns.

We're untalented, so that's all we can do - it's so ridiculous that you just want to laugh at us right?

But someday, we'll show you how we stop that never-ending cycle.
Until then, we'll just laugh.

Next, the PV. While "live" is a common sort of MV with just scenes of us performing
the other version, "life"
is a drama that unfolds within a "convenience store", where many people gather.

I wonder what everyone thought after watching this MV?

"What's the meaning of this? What happened after that? What was that about?"

I am sure that everyone's minds were full of "?"s.

To me, those "?"s are the point of this MV
and it matches the world that the lyrics are trying to reflect, perfectly.

If it was tangible, or if it was about something that you could easily figure out just by watching the video, then it would have lost its purpose.

Even so, within those "?"s, there is an answer.

No matter what, you can never really understand something just by looking at its surface.

Someday I'd like to concretely write about the meaning of "Merry Go Round".

1: Ayabie.
2: This is the original, if anyone's interested. It's essentially a small part of the current Merry Go Round.
26th-Jan-2012 02:27 pm (UTC)
Thank you for translating <3
26th-Jan-2012 03:15 pm (UTC)
To find an answer within the "?"s... ;__;
Thank you for the translations~! /wiggle
(Deleted comment)
28th-Jan-2012 03:35 am (UTC)
thank you so much for these translations ^^
if you have time please do translate more *W*
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