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Yumehito: January 25th, 2012 
26th-Jan-2012 10:14 pm
夢人 - RnR
Action 11563◇Release Commemoration! Last-minute Plan. About Blind◇
2012-01-25 08:24:55

The second song, "Blind"

This song was composed by Intetsu, and it was created with the idea of a heavy sort of song in mind.
It turned out to be a lot more varied than we had expected, with us inviting a guest musician to help us do scratching 1, and I played half the guitar solo. All in all, it became quite an experimental song.

As for the lyrics

This is a world where people like to make up their minds on things based simply on the information they already have, even if they aren't directly connected to those issues.
What if this scrap of paper was telling a lie? What if someone had intentionally written a lie over it?
People are always saying that you will reap what you sow. That is something that will probably continue forever.

There is no time for us to be looking back on the past.

1 Just in case anyone doesn't know what scratching is: Wiki to the rescue
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