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AYABIE -彩冷える- translations
a community for AYABIE member's blogs translations
26th-Jan-2012 10:14 pm - Yumehito: January 25th, 2012
夢人 - RnR
Action 11563◇Release Commemoration! Last-minute Plan. About Blind◇
2012-01-25 08:24:55

The second song, "Blind"

This song was composed by Intetsu, and it was created with the idea of a heavy sort of song in mind.
It turned out to be a lot more varied than we had expected, with us inviting a guest musician to help us do scratching 1, and I played half the guitar solo. All in all, it became quite an experimental song.

As for the lyrics

This is a world where people like to make up their minds on things based simply on the information they already have, even if they aren't directly connected to those issues.
What if this scrap of paper was telling a lie? What if someone had intentionally written a lie over it?
People are always saying that you will reap what you sow. That is something that will probably continue forever.

There is no time for us to be looking back on the past.

1 Just in case anyone doesn't know what scratching is: Wiki to the rescue
26th-Jan-2012 09:58 pm - Yumehito: January 25th, 2012
夢人 - RnR
Action 11562 ◇Release Commemoration! Last-minute Plan. About Merry Go Round◇
2012-01-25 04:33:52

It has finally gone on sale today.

AYABIE's 2nd single, "Merry Go Round"!!!

All three tracks are included in the normal edition.
Coupled with the limited editions A and B are the MVs of Merry Go Round, "life" and "live" versions.

So, with regard to the title track of our second single, Merry Go Round.

This song was composed during the 彩冷える1 era in 2010.

During the period of time when it became difficult for the 5 members to hold activities together
Yumehito and KENZO came together to form a unit called "KY from 彩冷える"
which was formed from the basis that the members wanted everyone to still be able to experience the fun of 彩冷える
and this song was first performed as an original song from the lives of that unit.

After that, even when we continued our activities with 4 members under the name of AYABIE, this was the song where everyone got the most excited at during lives

and so this has become a song that all the members treasure very much.

I was the one who wrote the lyrics and the song
and, at that time, there was a song called Browny performed by 彩冷える, so I recall that I had wrote [Merry Go Round] with the hopes of incorporating the essence of [Browny] into a new song with a brand-new world view.

As for the lyrics

from the lives starting two years ago, it originally only comprised of one chorus, sang repeatedly. 2
The contents of those lyrics are my direct feelings at that point of time.

As it was decided that the song would be officially released this time, I decided to combine my feelings then and now, and came up with the rest of the lyrics.

Although I'm sure that many of you would think of that thing at the amusement part when you hear the title of Merry Go Round
to me, this title is nothing more than just a "metaphor".

Amidst the frustrations that you can't do anything about, the walls that you feel you can't cross; the hurt, the dilemmas;
no matter what, there's still something you want to believe in, someone who believes in you.
Even so, it doesn't really help.

Even if it isn't true, we'll smile. Because we are happy clowns.

We're untalented, so that's all we can do - it's so ridiculous that you just want to laugh at us right?

But someday, we'll show you how we stop that never-ending cycle.
Until then, we'll just laugh.

Next, the PV. While "live" is a common sort of MV with just scenes of us performing
the other version, "life"
is a drama that unfolds within a "convenience store", where many people gather.

I wonder what everyone thought after watching this MV?

"What's the meaning of this? What happened after that? What was that about?"

I am sure that everyone's minds were full of "?"s.

To me, those "?"s are the point of this MV
and it matches the world that the lyrics are trying to reflect, perfectly.

If it was tangible, or if it was about something that you could easily figure out just by watching the video, then it would have lost its purpose.

Even so, within those "?"s, there is an answer.

No matter what, you can never really understand something just by looking at its surface.

Someday I'd like to concretely write about the meaning of "Merry Go Round".

1: Ayabie.
2: This is the original, if anyone's interested. It's essentially a small part of the current Merry Go Round.
9th-May-2011 01:02 am - Intetsu: May 8, 2011
インテツ - KOFFEL
Major debut announcement
2011-05-08 01:43:38

AYABIE will be making a major debut under TOY'S FACTORY♪♪

At the event we organised today, we announced AYABIE's major debut☆

While discussions regarding the contract had been ongoing for a while,
it was only a few days ago that we finally made the decision to make our major debut.
As we were organising an event, we decided to make the announcement to everyone who came.

As for why we decided on TOY'S FACTORY,
the reason is very simple.
That is, "Because they acknowledged the musicianship of AYABIE".
They listened to AYABIE's first album,
thought that it was good, and thus we were approached by them.

When we first got to speak to the people from TOY'S, I asked them,
"What is it about AYABIE that you appreciate??", and with regard to that question,
they answered with specific songs from the album, and we got the feedback that those were the songs they thought were good.

This is something that makes me really happy.

Although we have spoken to various people in the industry before,
amidst the many requests of "make a song that sounds something like that",
this record label was a place that gave consideration to our band's originality.

As you all know, we, AYABIE, are a selfish band.
In the sense that we want to make songs, and hold activities, that we can be satisfied with.
We don't want it to become something like what happened before.

Furthermore, what made me really happy was the chance to speak to the president of TOY'S, Inaba-san,
and have him tell us directly what he thought about our songs.
He is someone who has looked through many artists before,
and to have him say, "AYABIE makes good songs" really makes me very happy.
It is because Inaba-san is interested in our music.

I think that what everyone is worried about, is that the band will become distanced from all of you,
but please don't worry about that!
We will continue to hold those fanclub events with an at-home sort of feeling,
and the Jikahatsuden podcast will not change in tone - we will continue to record and upload it ourselves.
We will continue our idle talk, edit it ourselves, and deliver it to everyone.
As for the second urgent announcement regarding DEATHBIE's activities, we actually did receive permission to do so!
We're not going to go easy on the activities just because it's DEATHBIE. We'll break all your preconceptions.

Please think of them [TOY'S FACTORY] as staff who will be with us in order for us to keep to our unchanging conviction.
If we're going to do this, we will give our all to it.
And for that, TOY'S FACTORY has joined us as a new friend.

They have already listened to our demos and meetings have started.
From this month onwards we'll be going into preparations for more songs, so I'm looking forward to that♪♪

I feel that AYABIE is a band with potential which will pull through no matter what.
I believe that all the things that we have did our best to put together,
the things that we have accumulated up to now with our staff,
is related to our major debut this time.

"We remained unchanged despite everything.
That's why we won't change even when we make our major debut."

In order for us to make even cooler songs for everyone,
in order for us to have it reach out to all of you, we'll go on unchanged as AYABIE☆

9th-May-2011 12:23 am - Yumehito: May 7, 2011
夢人 - RnR
Action 10821 ■Going major.■
2011-05-07 23:09:12

As we have already notified everyone at the event that we organised today, through the important announcement,

this summer, AYABIE will sign a contract with TOY'S FACTORY, and make our major debut.

The four of us have been holding activities as AYABIE since October last year, doing our utmost best to make music, and reaching out to many of you.

Among our goals, one of them is to have more people listen to AYABIE.

To become a bigger band. To grow as a band.

Hoping for that, we did our very best.

Along our journey, we met "TOY'S FACTORY".

Just like everyone else who loves our music,

TOY'S FACTORY, too, loves our music, and AYABIE.

A major debut.

In the past, we made everyone upset and insecure because of it - and with such an experience, this was not something that we decided on lightly.

In our present state, many of you may be feeling insecure or confused after hearing today's announcement.

However, I strongly believe that if we are with TOY'S FACTORY, our - and of course, everyone's - "AYABIE" will be able to grow even further.

More than anything, I feel that we are really blessed to have met a record label that respects our music.

From summer onwards, together with our new comrades, we'll do our best to make the best music ever.

We'll always, always be close to you.

And we'll get even closer.

We won't change, and we don't plan to.

We will just keep growing as a band.

Please continue giving us your support!!!!!!

....and on top of that we have decided on our summer countrywide tour "SUMMER DIVER"!!!

The details will be released later on our official site, blogs and Twitter.

...and on top of that... it has also been announced that the band of Darkness, "DEATHBIE", will officially be starting activity.

...aaaaaand that in July 2011.... a CD release has also been planned....

....aaaaaaaaand that they will also be touring the country in summer....!!!!! The official site will be up soon....!!!!

This is getting quite exciting!

Everyone, I love you! I'll do my best!

27th-Apr-2011 01:40 am - Intetsu: February 24, 2011
インテツ - ミカヅキノキセキ
Kanata, tsunagaru sora eCollapse )

0010101.0Collapse )

T/N: Sorry that I can't translate all the entries - these are just so that everyone can understand the meaning behind the two songs better! The translations of the song lyrics are already up on snow_parade  :)
18th-Sep-2010 11:27 pm - Intetsu: September 17, 2010
インテツ - ミカヅキノキセキ

2010-09-17 12:06:47

To everyone who has been waiting for us.

At the start of this year, all the members came together to have a discussion, [i.e. As sudden as the announcement on the blogs had looked, it was not something that they suddenly decided to do. Aoi knew they were leaving the management and they had all agreed on it beforehand. He just did not know when exactly they were making the announcement.]
and from the time that we decided that we would leave the management company and continue with the band on our own,
the name of the band was already decided on. [They did not retain the name out of spite, or to hurt Aoi. Aoi himself has stated clearly on his blog that he will continue to support their activities.]

Of course, it was AYABIE.

In order to continue our activities as a band, we made many preparations. [K.Y, himitu_intetsu, etc]
There were also differences in the direction we wanted to move in.
These were members who had come to spend a long time with each other.
Members who grew to respect each other.
Even though it was only a few times, we were able to make time for discussions that involved only the members alone
and not including the staff at the management or label.
I am sure that none of us will forget the feelings we had
when we received the various comments regarding this.

Perhaps, from what we have been saying, [Yumehito once said, back when K.Y's activities had just started, that they were for the sake of Ayabie's future activities. Similarly, Aoi has also said that his solo activities were for the sake of Ayabie.]
some people might have expected the outcome to be this.
Because we have been holding onto these feelings the whole time.

Our feelings towards music remain unchanged.
To those who have always been by our side,
our feelings towards you have also never changed.

If we no longer have the same feeling towards AYABIE right now
we would not have though to continue activities under this name.
It is precisely because we still have it, that we wanted to go through with this.

For what we have not been able to do in our activities up to now,
and for all the worry that we have caused everyone,
we would like to repay it with our activities from now onwards.

Our first live on October 22nd, and then our winter tour.

We are starting on recordings now,
and recording our new songs at the studios.
While widening our possibilities, we'd like to visualise them one by one this way.

It's a similar feeling as that time when I first had to compose. [When Ryouhei left due to musical differences.]
It's the same winter season again, isn't it.

We want to show you that this is "AYABIE" for sure
through our works.

We'd like to meet everyone soon.
Please just wait for us a little longer.


T/N: As there have been many people wondering about this, I might as well add this here - no, there has been no announcement regarding who will be the new vocalist. The band does not plan to reveal this until their first live in October.

17th-Sep-2010 11:36 am - Kenzo: September 17, 2010
clint shoots
To all the fans
2010-09-17 12:00:27

I have an announcement about our 4-person band.

Our band name is



To the four of us, 彩冷える is an irreplaceable part of our lives. We chose a different path, but our wish to protect it hasn't changed.

After going major, due to administrative issues on the part of the company we signed on to, we weren't able to carry out our activities as 彩冷える. But we still haven't done all we'd wanted to with 彩冷える.
From now on, with the four of us as AYABIE, we'd like to continue to make music for all of you fans. We've really made you anxious and worried, but we'll put all we have on the line to make this work, so please support us.

First it's the October 22nd live at Shibuya O-EAST, then the winter tour.

We're looking forward to making a new start with all of you.
September 19 2010 Yumehito, Takehito, Intetsu, KENZO

So, with that said...

I'm back ☆


To mark this change in direction, my name will be written as


from today onwards.

Lots has happened, but this is our final answer!

What it is we want to communicating and create with all of you:

we'll be showing you our answer to those questions in the coming days.

For me..., there is a scene I'd like to see with all of you.

Well then, let's start on the continuation of our story (・∀・)

9th-Aug-2010 06:18 pm - Aoi: August 9, 2010
clint shoots
Dear all
2010-08-09 11:00:00

Dear all,

Firstly, I'm sorry that this message comes late.
I had a vague understanding of them, but I couldn't coherently grasp my feelings at reading the others' announcements,
so I couldn't put them into words. I just cried and cried.

From the very start this band met with many obstacles.
There was bashing from many people.
Due to a misunderstanding, magazines and CD shops wouldn't even deal with us.
But through all that, we believed that "we aren't doing anything wrong" and just faced forward and moved ahead.
Our main composer also left us.
This band started because he had brought us together, and at that time most of Ayabie's songs were his songs, so we couldn't perform them
and we were worried if we could really go on as Ayabie.
But Ayabie was important to us, and everyone who loved Ayabie was important to us
so we just pressed determinedly on.
Besides that time, there were many occasions on which I thought "We might not make it".
But because I was the oldest and because I was managing the band and doing the administration in our indies days,
I felt that I couldn't show my insecurities
and to the members, and to myself as well, I just kept saying "We'll be fine". These 6 years as I've run down this path, the band has been the only thing in my mind.

Out of the 4 I've known Intetsu the longest, and
even from the first time we met there was something about his character that attracted me,
I remember very clearly that I'd thought, "With this person we can surely do something interesting". He's serious by nature and very diligent.
But unexpectedly he also has a very frank, passionate side, and as the years pass his unisex image has been become more and more manly, and almost without our notice he's become a very dependable bassist.
On campaigns and so on it's often been just the two of us and we've had a lot of opportunities to talk, and as he has a lot of qualities that I don't, he's always a very exciting person to be with.
I wish we could have talked about even more things. I'm older but he's supported me in many areas.

I've also known Takehito for a very long time, and actually because I felt that his character bore some similarities to mine, I remember at one point I couldn't really have very deep conversations with him.
He doesn't speak much. But at important times, what he says is always very pertinent, and I think the shadow leader of leaderless Ayabie was Takehito.
He's a very dependable, unsung hero. I wish we could have more close talks together.
Takehito's a wondeful person, and when he smiles I feel like no matter what problems we have everything will turn out fine.

I first met Kenzo through a mutual friend,
and my first impression of him was that he's a very good-looking, mature person.
That impression completely blew up when he joined us, and he broke down all the walls between us members. He strengthened the bonds between us, so much so that it's not an exaggeration to say it's thanks to him that Ayabie is as it is now. I love Kenzo's smile, and it was very reassuring just to turn around on stage and see him smile at me.
Many, many times I've felt glad that it's he who became Ayabie's drummer.

And Yumehito -
the one who invited Yume to Ayabie was me. I wish from the bottom of my heart that with music he will find happiness.
Now I won't be able to grant that wish for him, but
surely, surely, if it's him - and if it's with Takehito, Intetsu and Kenzo - it can surely come to pass.
I believe that with all my heart. Even now I still think of Yume as my brother.

The people who have touched my heart as composers are
Ryohei, our original member, whom I talked about earlier,
Sabu (ZILL), who has passed away, and Yumehito.
From now on I won't be able to be the one singing his songs
but as an individual, I will keep loving his music.

4 members are leaving Ayabie.
We spoke about this many, many times. If Ayabie were to disappear
I felt that the core of my being would disappear along with it, so I wanted to protect it.
My whole life is Ayabie. My solo work, I also did to link back to Ayabie. So no matter what, I wanted it to live on.
I wanted to sing more songs that were spun out of our "present" selves. I have much, much more to tell you via Ayabie's songs. But I have no choice but to accept the others' wishes in this matter.

Ayabie has basically become just one person: me.
Right now I'm not in the right frame of mind to consider what I will do from now on
but as I said before on stage, Ayabie can be no one but the 5 of us, Aoi, Yumehito, Takehito, Intetsu and Kenzo.
Continuing Ayabie alone, or adding in new people and continuing - both of these options are completely unthinkable.

But with such a sudden ending, and with such a drastic betrayal of everyone who has been supporting us -
this can't be the way that Ayabie, which we've risked our lives on to develop, ends.
How can I possibly repay all of you....
The promise between us, hachigatsu yurashita koyubi no yakusoku. It doesn't seem as if I can keep that promise any longer, but if there's anything I can do, what would that be?
Please, give me some time to think.
Even if it's just me, I want to have one last live. I want to create an opportunity for me to apologise to all of you.

To have betrayed your feelings, all your warm feelings -
I'm very sorry that it's come to this.
The more I think about it, the more I feel that it's because all of you were there for me that I could become the person I am now.
When I close my eyes I can see and hear the smiles and voices from Ayabie's stage.

I've heard from the others that they will be starting a new band.
I won't be a member of it, but I will be cheering them on.
It's music that's made by people I love, so it's going to be wonderful.

I'll think about what I will do after this and announce it to you as fast as I possibly can.
I need to be frank and honest with myself.
No matter what I decide, I know I want to meet with all of you.
Even if no one comes to meet me, that's my choice.
Thank you for loving Ayabie. I still can't think of any words but "thank you".

Ayabie is the best band. To me, the best guitarists are Yumehito and Takehito, the best bassist is Intetsu, and the best drummer is Kenzo.
The ☆ mark we make with everyone's peace signs. The radiance from that is Ayabie, and if even one is missing, that won't be Ayabie any more.
That was the band my whole life depended upon.
Even now, I find myself wondering if the 5 of us really can't stand on the stage together once again.

I'm really very sorry that it's ended like this.
I'm sorry.
Thank you for all the messages and comments.
I read all of them, and felt once again that I'm not alone.
I can't betray these feelings. I've received the strength to stand again.
I've said it so many times but I'll say it again: Thank you so much.

August 9th, 2010 Ayabie Aoi
7th-Aug-2010 06:42 pm - Regarding Ayabie from Now On
2010-08-07 18:00:00
Regarding Ayabie from Now On

From now on, in order to carry out band activities smoothly, "Ayabie" has decided to operate separately.
Following this, among "Ayabie"'s members, Yumehito, Takehito, Intetsu, Kenzo will be progressing in the same direction as a new band.
Please note that Yumehito, Takehito, Intetsu, and Kenzo's agency will be as stated below.
Concerning activity after August, and the new fanclub, details will be announced when they are settled.
[New Office]
DNL Pte Lrd
Address: Tokyo, Shinjuku ward, Takadanobaba 3-3-8-604
Official Website:

[Intetsu's message]

To Everyone Who Supported Ayabie.

This is Intetsu.
I feel really apologetic for shocking you all with this announcement.

We formed a band, and continued with it together.
Me, Takehito, Yumehito-kun, and Kenzo-kun,
Ending up taking separate paths in this way from Aoi-kun, who we have worked together with for such a long time, is very regretful.
It's so regretful it can't be expressed in words.

Six years since we began activity with our live at Takadanobaba Area in 2004.
We met all sorts of people,
Kenzo-kun joined us
Yumehito-kun joined us.
We performed lives all over the country, all over the world,
Last year we had the major debut that we wished for,
And we were able to become a band that many people listened to.

If I were to summarise my life in one line, it'll be "Intetsu of Ayabie".
It's a band that I put everything on the line for.
Leading up to the decision for this announcement, we thought long and hard.
As all you fans know,
I really love Ayabie's music,
And I really love Ayabie's lives where I can be with everyone.

As you all know,
Ayabie's activities in the form of performing live, producing music, and so on,
Were unable to be decided.

Taking this option
Was due to the fact that if we continued with Ayabie in this state like this,
The various members would be turning their backs on their true feelings.

We live in order to do music.
This is just a choice to do that.

The contents of the announcement were decided just the other day,
So for the four of us, what follows is still yet to come.

We love how we formed and performed Ayabie
From now on it'll also be precious to us.
I'm sure Aoi-kun will be active from now on as well,
And when the four of us start our activities again,
I'd be very happy if you would look over us.

There were plans to have one last live with these members,
But discussions didn't come to conclusions, and we couldn't realise the plans.
I'm really sorry.

I'm sorry for always being such a wilful member.

Everyone of Ayabie,
Thank you for everything up till now.

Ayabie Intetsu

Original Post


I will translate the comments from the other three as well, and update the post soon.


Sorry for jumping the gun on kazzeh and kiizu >_<


Dearest Everyone,

The result.

I really understand what you are all thinking.
So much it hurts.
I'm really sorry.

Why can't things go smoothly? Why did things turn out like this?
I agonised, it was painful, and there were a lot of things. Everything seems unreasonable.

We made you all feel anxious a lot, didn't we.

I'm really sorry.

But I don't want to make music while faking my feelings anymore.

Right now, the me who is writing this is the real me.
From now on, I will bring the truth to you all.
With sincerity.
Facing you all.
Closer and closer.

I believe that this choice is not wrong.

When summer is over, come and spend time with me.


Original Post


"To all our fans"

Thank you for always supporting Ayabie.

I'm really sorry that we ended up making such a announcement so suddenly today.

It's been about a year since Ayabie made our major debut.

As the environment surrounding us was changing greatly, our activities as Ayabie decreased gradually.

And, in such a situation, I think the overlapping portions of us five members' thoughts were also gradually decreasing.

I simply wanted to continue as Ayabie with our music as the top priority.

Even if the environment surrounding Ayabie could not be changed instantly, I believed that if the thoughts of us five were to come together again, we could do something.

Right to the end, right to the very, very end, we were looking for that tiny possibility. There not being anything to be found beyond this is my own conclusion.

I'm really sorry.

From now on, I'm going to put my thoughts together with Yumehito, Intetsu, and Kenzo again.

I wish this conclusion will be accepted by everyone someday.

7th August 2010


Original Post


I'm sorry for the sudden announcement.

We didn't want to make everyone sad. Please forgive us that things have become this way.

From here, the four of us will walk the same path together.

There were a lot of things, but I'd be happy if you will watch over this decision as it takes form in the best way.

2010.8.7 Kenzo

Original Post

*hugs and candy all round for everyone* T-T
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