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ayabie diaries translation

ayabie diaries translation

This is a place where you can find Ayabie's blogs translations. We are not AYABIE. This community was originally created by tellytubby to share the blog entries of the members with other fans. Please understand that none of us are native Japanese, and we might make mistakes in our translations sometimes, so feel free to suggest corrections if you feel the need to. All of us do our translations in our spare time, and we have many other things to deal with in real life too, so we seek your understanding if the entries are not translated on time.
Lastly, do enjoy reading the blogs and don't forget to join the community!

Please read the RULES before you post the translations everywhere!

Original Blog Sites
Aoi | Yumehito | Takehito | Intetsu | Kenzo

For old diaries translation (before August 2006), check out ayabie_log
Have any questions? Feel free to post a comment in the community.

If you come across any untranslated Japanese words, you might want to check out the common Japanese words FAQ.

For those new to Yumehito's blog, you might be interested in checking out the Yumehito blog FAQ before you start reading. It'll help a little more in your understanding of his entries.

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